Yesterday was one of the best sports days of my life, so I felt like I had to document it. Here it is:

Part 1: Man City vs. Arsenal

I was supposed to go to a Manchester City supporters’ group, but I woke up and realized the game would overlap with #Fedal, so I decided to pass. Anyway, City drew 1-1, and are 11 points behind Chelsea with nine games to go. A slight disappointment.

Part 2: Federer vs. Nadal

Breakfast Burrito: Check

Cold Brew: Check

Phoenix Public Market WiFi: Fucking Terrible.

So I had to go to the Cronkite School library to get a decent stream. But it was worth it. Federer dismantled Nadal. It was inspiring. I felt the urge to re-read “Roger Federer as Religious Experience,” but then I realized there was no reason to, as I was already having the experience. Men’s tennis has had three big tournaments in 2017, and Roger Federer has won all of them. At 35. After having been written off for five freaking years.

Part 3: Greinke vs. Bumgarner

I checked two things off by bucket list yesterday:

1. Go to Opening Day.

2. See Greinke pitch live.

As a bonus. this may have been the best baseball game I’ve ever attended.

The Cake: Zack pitched sufficiently (I believe he gave up two runs.).

The Icing: Bumgarner hit two (!) home runs.

The Candles: The Diamondbacks won with a walk-off.

A solid day all around.

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