Song of the Day

“All Alone” by Fun.

Although Fun. are unequivocally my favorite band, they go though these weird yearlong cycles in my listening. I’ll listen to them all the time for a few months, then I’ll get sick of them and not listen at all for like nine. Then it’ll start all over again. I’m currently back at the beginning of that process.

Oh, how could I forget? The whole reason I started writing music profiles was that one day I saw a cover story on Nate Ruess (He was making the rounds for Grand Romantic.).

I was studying to become a sports exec at the time, but I read the article and was like, I could do that. And I bet it’d be way more laid back than my current internship. So I said fuck it and decided to start doing music features. A couple months later I profiled Cage the Elephant. I swear I started this wanting to talk about a song, not myself.

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