Record Store Day Mega Post

Song of the Day

“A Magazine” by Steel Train

Jack Antonoff is the best member of Fun. Don’t @ me.

I mean, he’s the best person in all of music, so I guess that automatically makes him the best member of Fun. Maybe I’m just saying that because he’s the only one who’s released music recently. Anyway, Antonoff’s first band, Steel Train, is worth listening to if you like any of his other stuff.

I don’t have a car anymore, and the nearest record store is about three miles from my apartment, so I decided to make a day of it and walk there. But first, coffee. So I stopped at the best place that was on the way.

Coffee of the Day

Cartel Cold Brew

This is probably the second best coffee in Phoenix. I’ll post about the first best one someday, I swear. But this one’s really good. It’s a little more bitter than I’d like it to be, which is why it goes really well with a Sweet Scone.

And ooh, look at the dog.


The Record Store

I don’t currently own a record player. Or a CD player. Or a cassette player. But fortunately, the record store I go to has a book section bigger than most book stores. So I decided to pick up some essentials.


I don’t know why, but I always feel drawn to physical objects like books, records, and pens during the springtime. I think it might have to do with the stress of the end of the school year. The items provide some kind of sentimental comfort.

Somehow, all of this only cost $8. I would have gotten more stuff, but you know, college kid working in a field that doesn’t pay very well.

Click here for my professional site.


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